«To write down what we listen to so as to preserve each and every voice.»

Our company gathers the skills of hundreds of transcribers distributed across the entire national territory, in Italy and abroad. In this way our transcription services can be carried out rapidly and efficiently. We find it very easy to apply to our service any set of linguistic conventions as established by our clients. In this way, we are able to customize our service to meet any individual demand. Whether you need very accurate transcriptions or you are looking for a company capable of dealing with thousands of hours of recordings every month, you have come to the right place.


«Softwares are like children, we are here to take them by the hand.»

In some cases it is necessary to verify huge quantities of data produced by the software as well as its validity – for example, to ascertain that a speech recognition software works correctly. So it is crucial that an operator listens to several recordings to find out whether or not the work done automatically by the machine has produced any errors. Many people are needed to carry out this task, digital amanuenses or tutors who listen to the recorded voice, compare it with the written output produced by the machines, and edit it. We can do this.


«In order to improve human-machine interaction, the first step is a sentence that comes out of the head.»

In some cases it is necessary to gather huge amounts of audio recordings, for example ensuring that hundreds of different voices record the same list of commands – a list of hundreds, if not thousands, of different sentences. It could happen that this sort of recording needs to be produced with smartphones of one make or another, or that this aspect of the request is not as important as the need to record a conversation, domestic and unmonitored contents, or series of idiomatic expressions. We at the Torchio Verde deal with this kind of initiatives; over the years we have built a network of speakers coming from every area of the country, so that the Italian regional varieties and dialects are not excluded.


«Trolls, flamers, haters… Who you gonna call…?.»

Nowadays it is paramount to be able to intervene in a timely manner to remove from our Facebook or Instagram home page all those comments that flout the netiquette and thwart the construction of a civil dialogue: insults, blasphemies, unwanted advertising. At the same time, it is useful to reply concisely and effectively from our Twitter account.

These online pages have become increasingly important to showcase our products, to meet our clients’ demands, and – insofar as institutions or political actors are involved – to spread our vision and our thinking. Two different levels of moderations are available. The first is simpler, whereas the second implies strong communication skills as well as the ability to correctly interpret any given context and to follow the indications provided by the client. We address those institutions and customers in need of both services.


«Whether you are a company, an institution or a political actor, never let the fire of the narration be quenched.»

Narrating, narrating. Narrating. Whether you are a company, a non-for-profit organization or a political actor, a story underpins each and every of our actions – becoming aware of it amounts to the opportunity to master it, to shape its plot, to let emerge those aspects that interest us the most and that will make our efforts appreciated by more and more people in the outside world. When we buy a product, when we decide to dedicate ourselves to a cause, when we give our vote to this or that candidate, we do it for a reason: we believe that their experience represents us, we wish to be active characters taking part in a series of events capable of moving us.


«Whether it’s an app or a videogame, its credibility lies in its texts: let’s give it a thought.»

Thanks to our community of experts, composed of people distributed across the entire national territory and abroad, we can establish several working groups. It is quick and easy for us to form a team of people able to test, from a linguistic perspective, your apps, videogames and softwares.

Coherent texts are needed to ensure an engaging user experience; to build a world, first of all, one has to start from the words that will describe it – reading The Lord of the Rings without Tolkien’s rich descriptions and coinages would not be such an engaging experience. Whether your aim is to avoid typos, to edit previously written contents, to create new ones, or to make a piece of writing stylistically homogeneous, we are here to give you support, to help you tell your story.


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